Services Offered By The Organizer

Our company has succeeded in holding the two exhibitions and is showing, respectively, its readiness to hold the third exhibition under the auspices of the National Investment Authority and the Baghdad Investment Authority, and with most of the participants obtaining lucrative contracts, the need to introduce new participants to the diversity of the exhibition specializations is still and will be keen to provide services to all participants. The need to introduce new participants to the diversity of the exhibition . Specializations and we will provide services to all participants.

Shipping and logistics

The fairgrounds are a customs area. Exhibits are entered and exited according to the customs regulations in force, and all goods include the name of the exhibition, the date of its establishment, and the location of the Baghdad International Fair.

Visa requirements

All visitors to the Republic of Iraq require a valid visa, and exhibitors must obtain a work visa before traveling to Iraqi territory, and the organizers will assist the participant in obtaining visas. Visas are granted by our company free of charge after signing the participation contract.

Current government regulations for obtaining a visa for trade fair participants are as follows:
Participants who require assistance with obtaining a visa must complete the “Visa” form and email it to the organizers one month before the exhibition period. Please be sure to read the visa instructions on the back of the visa form before completing the visa.
The organizers are subject to the Iraqi authority as the sole party responsible for issuing work visas to international exhibitors.

Information of interest to participants

The exhibition is held on the grounds of the Baghdad International Fair to provide the greatest opportunity for successful participation, as it contains covered areas of 500 m2 and an open area of 2000 m2 designated for the Iraq Energy Exhibition and Conference, a central hall for major conferences and an administrative building to provide logistical services and integrated security systems for the exhibition.

Event: Iraq International Real Estate, Investment and Building Supplies

Offer date: 15-18\5\2024

Exhibition time: 11 am to 9 pm

Location: Baghdad International Fair