Who's Attending?

  • Mr. Prime Minister of Iraq
  • Senior officials in the National Investment Authority, the Baghdad Investment Authority, and investment bodies in the governorates.
  • Senior officials in the Ministry of Housing and Construction, agents and consultants
  • Mr. Governor, the Baghdad Municipality, agents and advisors.
  • The specialized committees mentioned in Parliament
  • Dear governors, heads and members of investment bodies in all governorates.
  • Representatives in the Iraqi Parliament.
  • Embassies and members of the diplomatic corps in Iraq.
  • Union of Chambers and Businessmen. Government departments and agencies.
  • Associations and federations.
  • Government officials.
  • Managers of financial institutions
  • Engineers and designers
  • Service providers.
  • Real estate selling agents
  • Lawyers’ offices
  • Agents and manufacturers in the construction sectors
  • financial institutions
  • Investment brokers.
  • Investors and home buyers.
  • City planners.
  • Real estate development offices
  • Homebuyers
  • Investors.

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